How a ST. Roses Girl Got Bonked By Two Accra Academy Boys.

How a ST. Roses Girl Got Bonked By Two Accra Academy Boys.

HIGH SCHOOL CORNER: “Playing” Gone Bad;How A ST. Roses Girl Got Bonked By Two Accra Academy Boys.

Girls in single sex SHS date different boys in the name of “playing” them. Some take monies and other valuables from the guys and even fail to show up when a date is set.

This story details how a student from ST. Roses SHS in Akwatia was eluded by luck when two guys she was “playing” came to the realization and dealt with her the bad way.

It was in 2008 and the second term of form one. Like it happens when girls go to Senior High Schools, this sister got hooked up to two Accra Academy boys who were unaware they were dating the same lady.

Life went on so good so that both guys thought they were in love. The free night calls and the messaging were just lovely.

Eventually, these two boys from Accra Academy found out they were in love with the same girl. Cursing themselves, these two guys decided to punish the girl through any means possible.

A plan was cooked to get the girl in question to leave school in the Eastern Region and get to Accra and this worked like magic! The girl faked a sickness that gained her an exeat to go home.

Upon reaching Accra, she lodged in the house of one of the guys’ house where cameras were set to get the girl taped.

As the two were engaging in sex, the other Academy boy pounced on tem and asked that he was given the chance to “Biegya” of which the lady agreed to because frankly speaking, she had no option because she was dating both of them. The guys in turns slept with the girl till they were both satisfied.

Weeks after enjoying themselves, videos of their sexual activity went viral on hifive, a social meda platform popular by then. Although social media was not popular during that period, news was all over Eastern region.

That not withstanding, the school(ST Roses) decided to let go because she did not do it while in school.

However, a pregnancy allegedly resulted out of the act which the girl allegedly aborted. The school got wind of this and coupled with her sex tape, she got suspended.

The news of this young girl hit various parts of the country like wild fire and got all schools talking. The idea of playing boys now scared ladies but hmmm! Funny enough, people are still into it.

NB: High School corner does not intend to taint the image of anybody but rather advice people to draw moral lessons.


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