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PHOTO: Meet Madina Broni The Ghanaian Man Who Converted To A Woman

PHOTO: Meet Madina Broni The Ghanaian Man Who Converted To A Woman

In the heart of Madina, one of the most populated & muslim dominated societies in Ghana decides the first transgender woman to come out to the public domain. She goes by Madina Broni.

Madina Bronie is 26year old Ghanian fashion designer, make up artist & professional beautician.

She called me on a Tuesday morning for a quick interview before coming out. I have always heard about People associating with all kinds of genders but i have never met any in person so i was pretty exited to meet one in person.

Madina Broni seems nervous but hid it behind her confidence as we had a 30 minutes interview at her domicile where i asked her how she coped in Madina as a transgender, how she converted, where she had her surgery, about her upbringing and the like. She is pretty interesting to talk to and a very wonderful lady.

Her name was prince, she stayed in Madina most of her life and on the 26th of August 2015 she made up a long term decision that being a man was never her thing.

She said;


People always used to call me broni, maame, shake botos, and all kind of names when i was growing up. I knew then that i would feel better identifying as a woman than a man so in 2015 i went to spain and payed about 60,000 dollars to get do a surgery to become a complete woman.

“I love being a woman” she says, “who would want to be a man? ‘Chaii’…”.

I would endeavour other transgender i know to come out of their closets for today is a new dawn. A time to rise to the ocassion.

Maame Broni is hopping to become a fashion, make up celebrity in Ghana. She says most people don’t know shes transgender, they just think shes a woman and it makes her happy.

Here are pictures:

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To be honest, she’s really good at her job and i wish the best for her.

What is your take on transgender people?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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